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Tips for saving taxes regarding your luggage

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Storage fees significantly increase travel expenses. And because you often leave minimum two days away from home, it is important to know the correct information on that airline policy. You'll save money and you will travel without stress.

Here are some tips to save on luggage fees:

1. Choose the best travel bag

If you go a week or 10 days, you may need many clothes. Winter, for example, clothes are heavier, and your luggage will weigh more. When buying a suitcase, always look and weight. A hard suitcase is 3-4 kg, which must subtract from the 23 kg normally allowed by airlines normally line.

2. Make the right luggage

Put the bag of clothes and accessories you need. Additional things, take them in a handbag. If you like to travel with two luggage as a safety measure, put a folding handbag in checked baggage.

If you exceed the maximum weight, instead of paying excess baggage fee, you can transfer things to avoid overweight fees fairly consistent. A handbag is useful when you come back with various shopping or travel gifts.

3. Weighs luggage home

Before you leave, do not forget to weigh the suitcase. In this way you will never have unpleasant surprises at the airport. You can weigh on a normal scale, weight, then a second time, holding suitcase in her arms. Do find out how much weight has decreased and your luggage.

4. Read the information on the airline website

Check with your airline is politics. To low cost companies, it is possible that only a small hand luggage allowed being free on board. For a low-cost air company, for example, a large hand bag cost around 10 EUR to be brought on board if the fee is paid online. At the airport, the fee is about 20 EUR and directly to the registry 30 EUR.