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Travel WorldNews Holiday Tips The most common mistake made by tourists on all inclusive destination

The most common mistake made by tourists on all inclusive destination

All Inclusive Hotel, Jamaican hotel front view

An all inclusive destination holiday is particularly attractive for many tourists with rich offer of services included in the price of that package. There are, however, some aspects ignored by those who choose an all inclusive destination resort.

1. The cost of phone

Because of inattention, some people understand that the phone is free in a hotel all inclusive. Calls free of charge from one room to another room are not related to outside calls. International call costs may even reach a few hundred dollars. Prices, however, are available in any hotel brochure or catalog.

2. Tips

In an all inclusive hotel, you get free access to deck chair on the beach, umbrella and beach towels. But, regardless of destination, hotel staff that brings tourists towel or free drinks are served with them could expect a tip. Cleaning, made of household implies another tip, let it on the pillow or dressing table.

3. Spa

Access to the spa is free, in an all inclusive resort, but spa services are chargeable. Massage, body treatments, spa baths and all other procedures have prices shown on maps and brochures at the entrance.

4. Meals all inclusive

There are tourists who choose an all inclusive holiday and that getting to eat outside the hotel complex, wonders what happens with money paid, on the missed meals. This amount is not recovered because a client all inclusive must be inside the complex, at the times specified in the program in order to take advantage of all services and facilities supplied. Those wishing to eat in as many places and have very much freedom of movement can choose a package holiday with breakfast or with breakfast and dinner.

5. Isolation of an all inclusive hotel

Many all inclusive hotel complexes are located out of towns and villages in remote areas, surrounded by parks, forests or near the sea. Some tourists are not looking the location carefully, and are unhappy because there is a distance between the hotel and downtown.

All inclusive concepts emerged in countries where the tourists had not at their disposal the opportunities for entertainment and restaurants. An all inclusive hotel offers everything within its field: concert halls, spa, restaurants, kindergartens, clubs, bars, terraces, sports, etc.