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Social media - a way to solve a problem on holiday

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The Internet is increasingly becoming the place where people gather and express their grievances. Following the development of social media, companies are forced to react quickly to keep their reputation. Currently, a response to a complaint include in minutes. And who has time to fill out a form and wait a few days an answer, you can express them online on the Facebook account of that hotel or tour operator? If you use a social network to quickly solve your problem as a tourist, you need to know the unwritten rules.

1. Exploit opportunity on the internet

No company wants a customer to complain about their services against other thousands of people. Therefore, do not ever expect to be encouraged to post the Twitter account or company blog dissatisfaction. Companies have a service where customers expect such notifications or complaints. This does not mean, however, that there were cases when companies have responded promptly and resolved the situation.

2. Make a request short and clear

Take a short and clear message; limit yourself to the subject itself. On Twitter you only 140 characters, while Facebook or blogs you have more liberty and room to express yourself.

3. Add a second message

Sometimes a message cannot be seen. Wait a few hours and put it on the second. If you do not have answers, or is a company that knows how to handle such situations, use that account be less than it should.

4. Check answers

A Smartphone can send you alerts in response to your posts. Check and respond accordingly. Whatever you say in the message shows that you are interested in resolving the conflict and never quarreled or revenge. The conversation should be a balanced, in which some express expectations or needs and is looking for a solution.

Expect the tour operator to invite you to continue discussion on the email or phone outside of the social media space. It is a natural step the company, which wants a discussion, in which it may be necessary for your personal information. These data could not be on Facebook.

5. Public thanks

If the problem is solved, thanks travel company where it counts: on the Internet. In this way, the tour operator will keep a positive attitude towards the presence of social media and everyone knows that the network saw that employees are prompt.