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Services and facilities offered by hotels depending on the number of stars

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Did you know that in a 3-star hotel room refrigerator is optional? When selecting a hotel according to its category you will have available only certain services and facilities.

2-star hotel

2 stars must be equipped with bedding and toiletries in the bathroom. The minimum necessary is towels, soap and toilet paper. Comfort the 2-star hotels vary from one case to another and from one country to another.

In France, the 2-star hotels have a negative image due to lack of cleaning and small space. In Germany, Austria and Switzerland, a 2-star hotel is often more comfortable than in other countries.

3-star hotel

From category 3 stars can hope for a hairdryer in the bathroom and the various accessories: sewing kit, shoe polish, extra beds etc. However, such additional services vary from one hotel to another.

One of the most important things for tourists is used as a minibar fridge. One room in a 3 star hotel minibar can be automatically or have to rent it for a fee of about 5 euros per day.

4-star hotel

From category 4 star hotel rooms is equipped with various items that improve comfort sofa with table, cosmetics (hair shower cap, ear swabs, cotton pads). In a 4-star hotel, bath robe and slippers are included in the room or available upon request for a fee.

5-star hotel

A 5 star hotel should have a pool. The rooms are spacious, with wireless connection, minibar, safe, cosmetics etc. Tourists are spoiled with various small gifts left in the room by hotel staff, from candy, flowers and figurines to towels.

Even at a 5 star hotel there are large differences between paid and the services included. The largest hotel complexes may have a free minibar resorts throughout your stay, the hotel staff refilled.

Other hotels offer free minibar only the first series of products, others are for a fee. Internet, free although many 3 and 4 star hotels, 5 star categories can sometimes cost.