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Recycled are perfect for holiday luggage

Holiday Luggage Management, Confetti office made

Everyone wants to enjoy vacation comfort, even when a travel budget is modest. Instead of paying for services or products on holiday you can use recycled items from home, giving them a new way of general, practical and simple.

Organizer fabric

Organizers of the fabric is folded shelves that can be suspended on a bar or wall, providing storage space. This organizer folds in bag to save space and use to destination when rented room is very simple, without cabinet or shelves.

Key ring as a sign for luggage

Use an old key ring as a sign for checked baggage. Choose a key ring large enough to see it from a distance when you get luggage at that airport. In this way, there will be, instead of confusion.

Confetti as an insulator for breakables

If you have to put things in baggage that might break, use a bag full of confetti. They will cover even the fragile object's shape, without taking much space.

Sewing Kit

Prepare a holiday sewing mini kit, from a cork. Wrap thread around it, and stick, 2 or 3 needles, then store it in a small bag for cosmetics or even in an old wallet.

Covers of newsprint

Many travel guides advise travelers to do everything possible in some places; they do not look like tourists. Even if you want to protect yourself from thieves, and merchants annoying, still you need to browse on the street, bought travel guide before departure. Give him a cover of a newspaper or packing paper. In this way, nobody will know what you read.

Packaging, souvenirs from vacation

Use a disposable cup holder accessory for the ribbon, that law made the holiday gifts. In many countries, the taverns and restaurants unassuming tables, plate racks are made from paper with a specific model area. Use this paper to pack and customize souvenirs for loved ones.

In Greece you can find in many places such media representative embossed paper where you have lunch.

Small containers

Use an old contact lens holder to store pills. Place a spectacle scissors, clippers and nail file.