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Travel WorldNews Holiday Tips Plan your holiday into full of mystery places and unexplained phenomena

Plan your holiday into full of mystery places and unexplained phenomena

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How about a new concept of travel? For a holiday in a place shrouded in mystery, above which hovers strange phenomena and unexplained events with which you can satisfy your curiosity on some facts unexplained. Skip the holiday classic that you know that will guarantee sun and beach, all inclusive and beautiful landscapes. Here are some fascinating locations, mysterious or unusual destination that will transform travel into a memorable trip.

Crystal Skulls - Southern Mexico and Central America

Legend has it that in the jungles of southern Mexico and Central America there are 13 skulls magic crystal. It seems that they were left by the Mayan elders to be discovered by future generations, especially because it is said that they hold the destiny of mankind.

Have so far been discovered five crystal skulls.

Bermuda Triangle - Atlantic

The area between 3 places (Puerto Rico, Bermuda and Miami) who united forming a triangle known as the Bermuda Triangle or Devil's Triangle and is likely to be surrounded by paranormal activity. Here have gone over 80 aircraft and about 60 boats.

Ark of the Covenant - Ethiopia

Ark of the Covenant or clay tablets with the Ten Commandments received by Moses on Mount Sinai is located, according to legend, in Ethiopia. They have disappeared from the temple of King Solomon and since then no longer knows anything about them.

Killer from Boston - Boston, Massachusetts

Between 1962 and 1964, 11 women were found strangled in their homes in Boston and a few years later Albert DeSalvo confessed all the crimes. Discrepancies in the story and advances in DNA testing led authorities to reopen the case in 2001.

Jack the Ripper - London, England

If you arrive in London, you can try to recreate the steps of the most famous serial killer in the world. Although there have been over 100 years since five prostitutes murdered in cold blood, the identity of Jack the Ripper remains a mystery.

However, officials believed at that time that Jack the Ripper had knowledge of surgery after he removed organs from the bodies of three of the five victims.