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Low cost car parking at airports

Parking area, Bengalore International Airport

"I paid for parking twice that for the flight." This is a complaint that is heard with increasing frequency among users of the airlines, especially if traveling with those of low cost . While the prices of air routes are becoming cheaper, complementary services, cafeteria, parking, protectors for luggage , embark luggage, stand or climb. So it is not uncommon to find flights for under $ 10 and pay nearly 40 per private vehicle leaving the airport garage for a weekend. To facilitate parking without the trip too expensive, there have been the low cost parking companies that provide service to owners of cars at an affordable cost.

Next to the airport

Make a pleasure trip is always exciting, but when planning airport transfers, sometimes things change. Public transport is not always adapted to the schedules of those who will take the plane or to return from vacation: the distances to be traveled are long and uncomfortable travel with luggage. For this reason, the next option is to call a taxi, which can be quite expensive, especially if there is congestion at the entrance or exit and as a supplement to charge for carry or pick up customers at the airport. Some even live in another town and makes night in a nearby hotel to fly early in the morning. So often imposed by private vehicle is to be the most convenient and flexible. But it also has its drawbacks and the main one is the high price of parking zones established for this purpose within the airport.

The drawback to using the car is fixed in part due to the low cost parking. Esplanades or warehouses are situated within easy reach of airports where the user can leave your vehicle. They are located within a radius of 0.5 to 7 miles from the terminals, although in each case the route is different. With the car far from the airport you have to take certain precautions, as is customary for the access roads are heavily traveled and congestion, continuous.

Not found in the same aerodrome, the lands acquired for its facilities are much cheaper, which allows them to give their customers a quality service at a relatively lower than that of the garages that are located at the airport. The system is similar to the outlet located in commercial centers more remote places and buy the land at less cost that allows them to offer cheaper products to people who go there.

And they also pick up clients!

Such parking makes up the disadvantage that could mean the distance to the airport, take clients to the terminal. They do this by cars, vans or minibuses. People leave their tourism facilities and staff to the airport company on all its occupants. In general they use a personalized service to each client or group to be transported in the vehicle that has remained in the parking lot. They have vans up to eight seats in which are mounted clients. Transfer to the airport is within minutes, leaving the passengers in the same terminal that will come out.

In other business, the service is so individualized and only has a fleet of minibuses that makes the journey quite often, but not limited to travelers who take a car. This system is not as advantageous because it requires making several stops along the route to pick up or drop off other people, something which is a small loss of time for those who are going to catch a plane.

In any case, before booking or park the car, if travelers are accompanied by elderly or disabled, should ask the company if they have vehicles adapted to transport these clients.

It costs less to have the car a week in the parking lot cheaper than two days at the airport

In the same way that vehicles hired by the low cost car carrying passengers, will also collect the airport when your trip ends. Leaving the car in the garage, users receive a phone number to notify the company when they land, once they have gone for the bags. In the arrivals gate terminal where customers were waiting for them to pass on the truck to his car.

In the event that the company does not have private cars, but buses that route, you must wait for other passengers to collect their luggage. The operators are alert; they monitored the flight of their customers and know if they arrive on time or delayed. But the important thing is to phone. They will be there when they have received the call.

Open 24 hours

Most low cost car parks are open 24 hours a day; workers await the arrival of the customers, so you can contact them anytime, even late at night, both for the collection of passenger and delivery vehicles.

This is certainly a great advantage, because sometimes planes are delayed and await travelers arrive at a particular time because otherwise the car park will be closed and the city will be forced to take other means of transport. In general, metro and bus do not work at certain times, so there is a need to take a car. Able to leave the car park at any time of day and then be transferred to the airport to travel for hours, in other cases, it would be more complicated.


Anyone who wants to use the car can do so without first contacting the company that manages it, but the companies recommend making a reservation whenever possible. Although they have many places, at certain times it is likely that parking occupancy exceeds the usual and the user is left out. During the summer, Easter, Christmas, bridges and certain weekends, this can happen and the driver will be forced to leave their car in another place, with the loss of time and the need for this new planning is. In addition, having a place to park your car in advance gives lots of peace and security before catching a flight.

The reservation can be made via Internet or by fax or phone call. Some companies give their customers the option to book a place in the parking lot and if your personal circumstances vary or change your flight schedule, they do not charge anything to change it or cancel it.

The customer decides how many days you need to have the car in the parking lot. The companies do not put a limit or force their customers to stay in the garage a minimum of days. However, it is better to check in advance because in some parks charge a nominal fee for two days, something that may not compensate those returning on the same day, as with the airlift.