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Learn the unwritten rules for pictures you do on vacation

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Photography is one of the pleasures of every tourist and camera pulsed at a certain point is often a reflex. This simple habit can be a trap. A picture that you think absolutely innocent could, in fact, involve a lot of risks since the rules of etiquette or your local regulations are unknown. Learn the unwritten rules for pictures you do on vacation.

1. Popular beliefs about the idea of being photographed

In some ancient cultures, the natives don’t want to be photographed because of strong superstitions. In Bali, for example, in a rural area, people might refuse to leave for fear of shooting them steal your soul. In such cases, it is important to know the popular beliefs and to keep track of them.

2. Shooting women and children on holiday

Pictures of a child may be wrong on both a modern country, and in a less developed country. It can be risky to pose community children. Follow the rules of etiquette and ask permission before photographing.

Women are another vulnerable group in terms of pictures. In Arab countries, do everything possible to photograph people without invading their space. In highly conservative Islamic countries, it is best not to photograph women.

3. Shooting magic words "please" and "thank you"

An unwritten rule regarding photography on holiday is the language used. Learn to ask permission before taking a picture of a person, family, etc.. Thank the final and to win sympathy that person, offer to show them the picture. A simple gesture of kindness can help you reach your goal in an easy and pleasant.

4. Payment for photos

In some sightseeing or your various destinations you may be asked to pay for a picture after you did. It is where locals dressed in traditional clothes, with or without exotic animals along with. Negotiate before to know if it's worth the money photo. Even at a Christmas market in a European city you can ask for a fee of 5 euros for a photo with a candy stand.

5. Be respectful when shooting

Do not block when doing a landscape photo. Show respect foreigners, especially in countries with very different cultures, where a small gesture can offend the locals.