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Travel WorldNews Holiday Tips Learn the protocol for visiting the monasteries and churches in Easter holiday

Learn the protocol for visiting the monasteries and churches in Easter holiday

Pilgrimage Protocol, Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, France, Queue at entrace

If in the Easter holiday, are going to visit religious objectives, inform yourself on the protocol of religious settlements. Photography, talk, dress code, during the visit are just a few factors that need to be considered when visiting mosques, churches, temples, cathedrals, monasteries etc.

Here is what you need to know for the Easter holiday in places of pilgrimage:

1. Choose the period

If you go at Easter, in places laden religious expect a lot of people, and large queues. In some very important places such as Jerusalem, even travel agencies cannot guarantee access. Even when you go before or after an important religious event, must stand in lines, and hurry. The Church of the Holy Grave, for example, there are priests who guard and guide the visitors so that each person has available only a few seconds to worship at shrines.

If there is a religious ceremony when you arrive, must be respected the silence, and walk through the church or cathedral is allowed only as long as the service is not disrupted.

2. Dressing appropriately

Regardless of religion of place of worship visited, need to dress modestly, with chest, arms and legs covered. In some cases, women are obliged to wear a skirt. Meteora, Greece, nuns share to female visitors, some puffed placed over clothing if they were pants.

Get ready to get barefoot, if visiting a mosque. For women, regardless of religion is recommended to have a scarf to use it to cover the head, shoulders or legs.

3. Photographing

Look for signs of filming and photography inside church. In churches that are still open to parishioners, usually you can shoot and take pictures free of charge. Sometimes visitors are asked not to use flash. If churches turned into museums, you pay to use camera.