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How to travel with baby on airplane

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For many parents, the idea of traveling by plane abroad at less may seem a challenge.

Whether you are thinking about child safety or fear of bureaucracy that they have to face in order to obtain the necessary documents leaving the country, people with newborns avoid going on long trips.

Follow these steps and you will have the vacation of your dreams with your little baby.

1. While you are interested in are measures to ensure that a baby can leave the country

Call embassies and consulates to make sure you're on the right track in getting the passport or visa for your child.

2. Reserve seats tickets

Because discomfort of others, but also because little could scare a cluttered environment, it is preferable to choose an easy flight during the week.

Although airlines are not required to buy a separate ticket for baby, an extra seat can be extremely useful when you're changing diapers or want your baby to feed on.

3. Skip the big bags

If you do not really need things would be better to cancel it. In this way you avoid having to load luggage, because it is quite difficult to handle and take care of the baby and at the same time.

4. Give yourself enough time to check in

Departure day would be good to get to the airport two hours before the flight. This window lets you time to solve all possible problems, change baby diapers, check your shopping cart and make final arrangements.

5. Be prepared for the child's needs during flight

You need a change of clothes, blankets and a pacifier (which he calm the child and decrease the pressure in the ears).

6. Use a port-baby

Because you have to go a considerable distance, you have to take your baby and a harbor. It will be much easier to travel with your child and he will feel safe in your chest.