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How to prepare for a package tour

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Choosing a holiday package tour involves a lot of factors that need to keep in mind, especially when it comes to advantages and disadvantages. Follow the steps below and you will be able to plan your safe circuit on which to enjoy fully.

Steps to follow

Step 1. Go to visit, not to rest. The first thing you need to accept when you do it in a package tour holiday is accumulated fatigue. You will come back more tired than you left, but richer in 'beautiful experience'. For that, you will visit many cities; you'll be staying almost every night somewhere else.

Step 2. Dependence on others. The circuit involves a very strict program and the need to obey the instructions guide. If you are liked independent, might annoy you, always to be told that at X hour should you meet with the group in place of Y. As long as you accept that is a whole group, which respects some basic rules, everything will be fine.

Step 3. Choose circuit. The main advantage of a circuit is that you will see very many places in a short period of time. Decides, therefore, what countries / cities you want to visit and orient yourself while depending on your budget you have. If you visit European cities fall or spring, you'll pay less for a circuit (under 500 euros), and the weather is more favorable to go walking, unlike the summer heat. The cheapest circuits are the coach and accommodation in 2 and 3 star hotels. For a circuit in very distant destinations such as China, have to pay around 3,000 euros.

Step 4. Choose a tour operator. The choice of tour operator is particularly important because such holidays involve very detailed planning, and representatives from local tour agency. It is best to choose a large agency, the name that keeps the brand site and has not been involved in all sorts of incidents or a small agency, the family, but surely the knowledge that you know or friends have gone. You will avoid unpleasant surprises to you at your destination, because of poor planning.

Step 5. The budget. Sometimes, the total cost of a circuit is double than the price announced in the offer. This happens because they add additional costs to health insurance, entrance fees to sightseeing, optional excursions, single room supplements, airport taxes, visa fees, entrance fees and out of certain countries, food (for breakfast usually only come in the package), tips, cancellation insurance, etc. Agency should indicate to you how high the amount for each service that is not included in the package.

Step 6. Baggage. It is best to do the baggage so that you do not watch many bags, considering that you walk from one place to another. At the hotel, make sure each time that you’re the baggage will be properly numbered with the room number. Detach the old labels so that the bellboy will see clearly the correct number. Upon leaving, make sure your staff that was put in the baggage coach, which moves on.

Do not forget to put in bag, battery or rechargeable batteries to take pictures throughout the week, not to waste money on them, on the road. In a circuit, you have little time to buy these small things, and is harder to find stores that sell a decent prices, not tourist prices. Another very important thing for a long vacation in which you walk is comfortable shoes. A minimum of two pairs will do.

Step 7. Documents. Make sure you always have on you a document with which to identify (ID, identity card or passport).

Step 8. Contacts. Make sure that you have on you and at least two phone numbers of agency representatives. If you get lost or have problems, you can call such a guide or representative. It might sound trivial, you will always be tempted to break up the group, even for a few minutes, and such contacts on you can be precious.

Things sure you need
- Baggage least
- Contacts
- Camera
- Comfortable shoes
- Document identification

Tips & Warnings

• Set the camera depending on the date named folders or individual. You make so many pictures, so just so you know the back, where X hour photo was taken.

• Consider the advice and instructions guide. Especially in countries where national security is a problem, you should not depart from the group. On the Foreign Ministry's website you can find detailed information about alerts and other safety measures.