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How to make your honeymoon luggage

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Honeymoon is one of the most important holidays in their life, so that no detail is to be ignored. Luggage for the honeymoon should receive special attention, but often, after fatigue and concerns about the wedding, there is the risk of doing the luggage in a hurry.

1. Choose the right clothes and shoes

Think very well put the clothes in luggage. Consider your local climate, weather predictions for the period in question and your holiday program. Bring at least one full dress. All destinations specializing in romantic holidays and honeymoon have at least one elegant event where there is a dress code required. Make sure you and comfortable clothing. Do not pack clothes that you never wear again because surely you do not now and occupy unnecessary space.

2. Put Sunscreen Lotion

Whether you go to the beach or elsewhere, as long as a sunny destination, you could do heatstroke even walking down the street. Lotion, sunglasses and hat are required.

3. Take some drugs

Nobody can guarantee that any possible health problems in honeymoon. It is best to take with you some medicine than to walk through pharmacies luxury resort where you spend your holiday with your loved one. If you go into an exotic destination, looking for before you are safety measures on health.

4. Camera & Video

Check camera and video functionality, make sure you have a compatible charger plugs at your destination or enough batteries. For added security, you take the two devices. Everyone wants to have pictures from the honeymoon, and an unfortunate accident can deprive you of this so important accessories.

5. Romantic accessories

Hotels offer their clients nice rooms, romantic, bonuses champagne, fruit, flowers, massages for two, etc. To qualify for these services, you must have with you a copy of marriage certificate not older than 6 months. In addition, you can put in bag sexy lingerie, romantic music DVD, some packages of condoms, sex toys or other things that you think you might need.

6. Bath robe and slippers

If the hotel does not have, take home your own bath robe and slippers. You will feel at home in your hotel room.