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How to have a comfortable stay at the hotel

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When stay in a hotel for at least a week, is extremely important that your stay in this place to be, as one of the most pleasant and comfortable. It is about several nights, so when planning such a stay is recommended to keep track of all those little details that you ensure the comfort.

1. Inform yourself about the hotel

Official Site of the hotels is just an interface that looks always beautiful. Rarely you find important details for you, cause you to make reservation or to cancel. Find reviews on that hotel, read the information on forums and blogs, check the agency's staff review of catalogs presentation and ask a travel agent. In this way, you're sure to find the destination that is what you expected to find.

2. Analyze prices for services

Looking up from the beginning, which services are payable. So you will not have at the end, the surprise you have to pay for a product, from the mini bar, internet connection or late check-out.

3. What you take from home

If you do not stay to 5 stars, where you benefit coat and bathing slippers, in the hotel room, take with you a pair of slippers. Is something extremely trivial, but gives you more comfort when you get out of bed in the morning or walk around the room. Imagine how many people have stayed in that room shod. Carpet can therefore look very good, but does not mean that is very clean.

4. Take a tour of the hotel

Check hotel services and facilities and do a tour. Discover where is the swimming pool, sauna, spa, restaurants, disco, park, etc. Look at the hotel surroundings. Sometimes you need to buy trinkets or go to a hairdresser and you should familiarize yourself with the locations.

5. Take care of the access card

Keep the access card, in a place away from mobile phone to not demagnetize. In hotels where the room is far away from reception, it is annoying to wake up that you cannot enter the room, and make your way back.