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How to avoid holiday disappointment

Crowded Holiday, Canton fair

I look forward to see the famous Crown Jewels in the Tower. After a long wait in line outside, find that the tail is still inside. Until you get to actually see the crown jewels, listened a few times, conducted screen movies. Jewelry, no way to get close, is being surrounded by cords. How can you avoid such disappointments on vacation?

Do your sights on

The holiday is not recommended to go see a sight spontaneously, without knowing anything about it, because you risk being disappointed. Even the biggest attractions of the world have managed to disappoint a lot of foreigners.

Eiffel Tower State require hours in line all season, Prague becomes suffocating crowded in high season, the Tower of Pisa seems to be more attractive as a backdrop for pictures than architectural monument in itself, Topkapi Palace is less interesting than the Harem, which is paid separately, the resort St. Moritz is too expensive, etc.

Do your schedule what is to see to know the strengths and weaknesses early. Find schedules, less crowded periods, can hire a guide, etc. You then take a decision in full awareness.

Looking out the hotel and location

Learn everything you can about the hotel and the location where you stand. It is important to know when it was renovated last time, the recent opinions of tourists there, if the resort is isolated or part of town, etc. Many tourists are disappointed to find the site as a 5-star hotel has four real services or resort hotel is in a forest far from town.

Learn about local culture and etiquette

When traveling abroad, it helps you to know something about local culture and etiquette. In this way you will not be disappointed that you have to negotiate everywhere, people are not too many bows and never say what they think in reality or are blamed for the way you dress.

Check with tour operator travel

Always check with the travel tour operator when you know nothing about it. National Association of travel agencies in each country, they often seek to announce some unorthodox practices used by different travel agencies at the expense of tourists. The websites of these agencies, you will find what security measures you can take, the accreditation agencies that often have suspect low prices on vacations.

Take account of information received from official sources

You can find useful things, sometimes from friends and acquaintances about the holiday. However, the first official source is credible. Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides updated information on travel alerts and documents you need to travel in a particular country, the National Association of Travel Agencies provides details of accredited agencies, tour operator can advise you about your chosen destination so.