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How can disappoint most hunted tourist attractions in the world

Disappointing Holiday, Dead Sea, Salted Bike

You thought visiting a famous site is cakewalk? Well, you're very wrong! In many cases, the wonders of the world, it will drain your energy reserves to give you the view you wanted. Here are the secrets behind the world famous destinations.

1. Great Wall

The building visible from space is not easily accessible. Ba may be just a sample hellish climb if you persist in the style of ancient Chinese were doing. Rise to Great Wall platform is climbing steep steps 4000. You can opt for more modern version of the gondola built for tourists.

2. Mona Lisa from afar

You are more likely to get lost in a mysterious look of Mona Lisa buying a catalog of the works exhibited at the Louvre cheaper than paying for access to the museum. The space created between safety and public Da Vinci's masterpiece is considerable, and scrimmage levels are found only on buses in big cities at rush hours.

3. The salinity of the Dead Sea

If you schedule a dip in the salt water of the Dead Sea, you should stay away from excessive salinity of the water. If you shaved before entering in salt water, you'll regret it.

4. Iguazu, dirty waterfall

Sure you see the rainbow captured over Iguazu Falls and its crystal clear waters pouring over tens of rugged cliffs hundreds of travel agencies leaflets. Watch what season you choose to visit the waterfall on the border between Argentina and Brazil. During the rainy season, water cascade resembles an outpouring of mud.

5. The queue to the Eiffel Tower

If you plan to stand in line for hours to catch a place in the lift climb the Eiffel Tower, your patience has to be iron. A good trick would be to climb the stairs to the next level, where the elevator stops automatically.

6. Tower of Pisa is heading

Even the Leaning Tower of Pisa is not what it was before! From 2011 to 2013, measurements showed that the famous Leaning Tower headed by 2.5 cm.

7. The Sistine Chapel

Visit the Sistine Chapel? Imprint in your mind every detail. The photos are prohibited.