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Four delicious snacks according to the country

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One of the most beautiful parts of a holiday is the culinary experience. Site-specific snacks are available everywhere, in cafes or directly on the street. No need to go to a local restaurant to enjoy traditional national dishes. All you have to do is to try a bite, even on the go.

Here are four delicious snacks that you should not miss on holiday:

1. Currywurst, Germany

Currywurst sausage in the '50s was a popular food among workers and builders. Today, this type of German sausage found in cities like Berlin, served with fries.

2. Burek, Serbia

Burek is a spiral shaped pastry, of sheets of puff pastry, stuffed, and is specific to the area of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The product has its origins in Turkey. Burek is a sort of pate crisp surface and soft inside, spicy, filled with flavorful meat, spinach, cheese or herbs.

This preparation is sold all over the Balkan streets is often a breakfast or a snack during the day.

3. Simit, Turkey

Simit is a type of pretzel with sesame, very popular on the streets of Turkey, especially Istanbul. Pretzels are sold almost everywhere on strollers with showcase, especially near tourist attractions.

Even during Ramadan, you can buy on the street pretzels simit warm and crispy, very tasty. Turks, serve simit generally at breakfast, with tea and cheese, as well as snacks throughout the day, outside the period of fasting.

4. Croque Monsieur

Croque Monsieur is a sandwich, specifically French, you can find at any restaurant or cafe in Paris or other major city. Sandwich is made of cheese and ham and served warm as a snack or appetizer.

The preparation has many variations, some with eggs, and others with vegetables and sauces.