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Five tips for visiting the Louvre

Visiting Paris Louvre, Glass Pyramid interior view

Along with the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum is the most famous tourist attraction of Paris and, therefore, one of the busiest throughout the year. If you kind the tourist who just wants to tick off the top attraction of Paris and not settle for a superficial visit, you may do your research before coming to the museum.

Here are five tips for visiting the Louvre museum:

1 The entry in the Louvre

The entry in the Louvre glass pyramid is almost as famous as the museum itself. Queues in front of the pyramid are, however, almost constant, and in the tourist season, you can wait even more than an hour. To save time, buy tickets in advance. On entering the pyramid have to throw food or water in a basket and bag or your luggage is scanned.

Instead of the pyramid, go to the other entries of the Louvre: the Porte des Lions and through the Passage Richelieu.

2. Louvre gratuit

Bastille Day (July 14) and the first Sunday of each month, the museum has free admission. In addition, the Louvre is open Friday night from 18:00 to young people aged under 26.

3. Turn to a guide for Louvre

Louvre is huge. Building houses, 35,000 works of art, and 380,000 objects are exhibited. To see something really, you need at least half a day and travel to the museum all day is not enough. Therefore, many tourists get tired quickly and lose patience. If you have time, turn to a guided tour, conducted by an associate of the National Museum.

If you go alone, take the entrance, a brochure with a map of the museum, to be easier to get to places you want.

4 photographing

Unlike other tourist attractions of the world, in the Louvre does not have to pay to film or photograph. Use the camera without flash, to protect works of art. Remember, though; look for yourself, the exhibits. Freedom to take pictures is tempting, but in the end, you risk to have 1,000 photos and not remember how it looks Mona Lisa, in fact.

5 The official website of the Louvre museum

Do your visit prior to the official website of the museum. There you can find useful information, which is good to know before you face the crowds.