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Five safety precautions for winter vacation

Winter Travel Holiday, Tree under the snow

The winter holiday is important that you take all safety measures specific to this period of the year. Holidays, for example, traffic at airports is very intense, leading to additional regulations requiring airlines to passengers.

Here are 5 safety precautions for winter vacation:

1. Take the right clothes

When traveling in winter, dress in layers; choose lightweight clothing that can keep them on the arm or the handbag will be very heavy. In railway stations, airports, bus stations, in mountain or European cities have to dress properly to protect you from air currents and snow.

It is therefore important to know the weather forecast for the travel period. Take the multiple sets of hats, gloves, socks and shoes. In winter the extremities are the most vulnerable.

2. Get home early

Winter often happens that flying or racing have delays due to snowfall. Tour operators means that winter passengers to get boarding sooner than usual.

For example, normally flight passengers must arrive at the airport two hours before flight departure. Winter is good time to be lengthened to 3 hours, especially during the holidays when airports are very busy. Contact the airline that fly and requires information on air traffic conditions.

3. Travel in the morning

Make your winter travel always in the morning. If something happens and you lose the plane of reasons beyond you, you have the chance to get tickets for the next flight the same day. As you travel later, the traffic and there is more risk to reach its destination the next day.

4. Make a plan to travel by car

If you go on the road with car winter travel prepares the finest detail. Find the best route online, establish stops and places of power, ready for snow machine, put in the trunk food and blankets in case of emergency.

5. Website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

On the Foreign Ministry's website you will find updated information on travel conditions and alerts.