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Destinations where access of women is denied

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In many parts of the today world women enjoy equal rights with men. Even so, there are still destinations where fair sex representative’s access is not allowed, sometimes even prohibited by law.

Mount Athos in Greece

Following a very old tradition, Mount Athos, "Holy Mountain", remains a tourist destination or a pilgrimage prohibited women. Even more than that and the number of female domestic animals are strictly controlled!

Women continue to be denied access to Mount Athos in terms of a very old concept, according to which this offspring of Eve would jeopardize the spiritual evolution of monks who take their existence in this holy place.

Saudi Arabia

Did you want to go to Saudi Arabia? Know that you could wake up in a great impasse: access in this country for tourism (and not for business) is very difficult, more so for women.

The latter must be accompanied by a male relative in order to enter the country. And even then, women did not have many chances to feel comfortable in Saudi Arabia; the country is renowned for its oppressive and restrictive treatment to fair sex representatives.

Mount Omine in Japan

Mount Omine was incorporated in 2004, the list of sites that are part of the UNESCO World Heritage. But this tourist destination can only be accessed performances hard sex, because a very old law still forbids women to discover her beauty.

As in the case of Mount Athos, Mount Omine women's access is not allowed because the offspring of Eve pilgrims would distract from the main purpose of their Incursion Mountain - dedication.

Galaxy Water Park in Germany

Prohibition of women is present in countries like Germany. But this time it's a dangerous slide, X-treme FASER from the Galaxy water park, which caused over time "injuries in the intimate" women and that, therefore, was denied for the representatives of fair sex.