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Cosmetics and toiletries you put them in the luggage

Travel Kit, Compact Cosmetics and Toiletry Kit perfect for travel

When traveling, one of the main factors of comfort is the appearance and hygiene. It is not always easy to look fresh and clean when you're on the road many hours. Instead of giving money to the destination, on the cream that you forget it home, do yourself a travel bag, designed for cosmetic and toiletries products.

Liquid soap

If you now have a new soap, sealed, even a 2 star hotel, when you are on the road, the situation remains as difficult. In a circuit coach you have to make stops in public toilets. Bring a bottle of liquid soap. It is hygienic, easy to handle and you can share with others without problems.

Wet wipes

Disinfectant wipes, and the pads are far lighter than bottle, refresh you and you clean and disinfect the skin. You can use them in any situation and in any place, without risking spilling the contents to a sudden movement of the car or coach.

Shampoo and conditioner

You happened to make dandruff from hotel shampoo, or shampoo to end too soon? Each type of hair reacts differently to change shampoo, so the safest is to use it, the one brought from home. Put it in small containers like mini balm tubes from boxes of hair dye.

Devices for hair removal

How your hotel does not provide razors and waxing, all you can do is either go shopping or to think in advance and put in the baggage such an object. Especially during summer, the product is required for any trip.


Put a comb or hairbrush in travel luggage. If you care for your hair every day, you'll feel more confident and more optimistic than when you do not know how to catch him, and look forward to coming home to a hairdresser.


Put in the luggage, the easiest pair of slippers. No matter where you travel, when you get out of bed, and you will feel the toe, shoes at home, you automatically feel better. It is a comfort that you can ensure it anywhere, does not occupy much space in the luggage, nor hinder your bag.