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Cities to be seen by public transport

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Even if public transport is less comfortable, some cities have a network of well planned transport. Therefore, a simple visit to a city bus may be the best solution for a stranger.

Here are 5 cities, ready to be seen with a regular bus:


Budapest is divided by the Danube, in the Buda area, and Pest region. In the each, you can find beautiful places to see. In Pest is located the Cathedral Saint Stephen, while in Buda you can find Castle Hill. One of the easiest ways to get from one bank to another is to use regular buses.

Budapest has a number of attractions worth a visit no doubt, like Royal Palace, Matthias Church and Fishermen's Bastion.


Journey by public transport from the surface, in Paris, is a spectacular experience in itself. You can start from the Porte d'Orleans, one of historical areas, of the city, to pass by the beautiful Jardins de Luxembourg and getting up in the old Latin Quarter. Other routes go along the Seine to Notre Dame de Paris.

Bus in Paris, is a good way to experience authentic Parisian atmosphere with its many people of different nationalities, with the system very well done, for every stranger to know where they are and where to go.


Traveling by bus the Rome allows you to take a stroll along the Tiber. Some routes pass through near the main tourist attractions such as Trevi Fountain and the Colosseum.

Transportation network is made so that you can reach by bus the most attractions. If you go to visit as many churches, to study architecture, or to see the masterpieces which they host, one way is to travel with a simple bus.


Madrid can be crossed easily by bus. Along the route, you can see the famous fountains, art galleries, parks and monuments. One of the best starting points is the Puerta de Europa.


One cannot visit London without having to walk at least once with the famous double-decker London bus. Get out of Trafalgar Square, pass by, Admiral Nelson's Column, and head to Cathedral of Saint Paul.