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Avoid the most common mistakes that tourists make in a city

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A private taxi, tip too small or visit a disreputable place - these three mistakes can always tourists in a city unknown. Find out which are the most common mistakes that people make visitors to destinations that are venturing for the first time.

1. Tourists who do not check hotel taxes

A tourist who was not informed in detail about services right from booking a hotel can do once you arrive at your destination. When a tourist is unaware plus fees for various services used, the risk of large amounts bill. Internet and minibar, for example, may only be available for a fee.

2. Lack of information on personal safety

A common mistake is lack of information on personal safety. Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides updated information about safety precautions you need to take people traveling in a particular country. Tour guides provide valuable information about things to avoid in each location.

In Rio de Janeiro, it is recommended to visit one of the slums (favelas) unaccompanied. In Jakarta taxis are dangerous because of the high number of robberies recorded. Tourists are advised to avoid the Israeli-Lebanese border areas where they exchanged gunfire.

3. Ignoring local culture and label

Local culture and etiquette in a city are things to be taken into account. In New York, for example, at a restaurant often leave a tip of 20%, double what most people are accustomed to give. Without knowing the unwritten rules, there is always the risk of living an unpleasant situation.

Also in New York, a surefire way to make a bad impression is to wear a T-shirt printed with "I love (heart) New York" or do you mean the city the nickname Big Apple.

In Japan, losing your temper is unthinkable.

4. Purchases made prior to compare prices

In a strange city, it is easy to be fooled shopping. Before money out of pocket, it is important to go through many stores and get informed on the prices charged for products that interest you. In destinations in which to practice negotiation is more important to know very well market prices.