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Advantages and disadvantages of buying an optional excursion

Optional Excursion, Montserrat Monastery, Spain, Front view

An optional excursion is a handy option to see different places visited or near its destination. Sometimes, to go with the group is faster and more comfortable. Some other times, however, using the public transport you can get on your own in desirable tourist target, and the price will be lower.

Here are the pros and cons of buying a optional excursions:

Advantages of optional excursions

An optional excursion offers the advantage of easy access to a destination where else would you get heavier because of the lack of direct connections or long distance. For example, if you spend your holiday in Barcelona or in a resort on the Costa Brava, one of the most beautiful trips is the Montserrat Monastery. This is a place of pilgrimage in the true sense of the word, the atmosphere here and the outstanding natural beauty and architecture.

In Montserrat can be faster and more comfortable to walk in groups organized by a travel agency in your country or local operators rather than on their own to save time.
Optional excursions may include a local guide into the price. In complex sights such as the ancient city of Ephesus, deserve to go with a guide to understand the value of that place.

Being organized group with a total of over 30-40 people, you pay a few euros for the guide. If you go on your own, find local guides at the entrance, but you'll pay more. An optional excursion to Ephesus departing from Kusadasi, cost around 45 euros and includes, besides Ephesus 3 other sights.

Disadvantages of optional excursions

Usually, the person in charge with local tourist assistance will have an appointment with tourists in the first morning after arrival in the resort and it shows optional excursions.

Do not enroll prior to consult and local prices. If you really want a speaking guide of your own language, find the hotel offers by various local operators. Sometimes, it happens that they have lower prices. Make sure you subscribe to licensed operators.

City tours and bus tours could be a payment pedestrian useless, because you always have the possibility to go alone to see the city. Such tours targeting downtown, the bus is very fast in, the pedestrian takes 1-4 hours and are made with the guide.