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6 things you should not miss from the bag in winter holiday

Winter Holiday, Clothes for winter

In winter the weather is unstable, and prepares a bag for a trip is a real challenge. It is difficult to get clothes suitable for both sunny days and warm or cold days and because of space. There are, however, several factors that you take into consideration when you pack for fall and winter.

1. Street clothes

If you are going to travel in an area with lots of rainfall or if announced blizzard, choose a three-quarter coat to protect. Think about the possibility of putting in second bag the street clothes. It's good to have a spare you. Another option is to buy a used balloon especially for rainy days. A balloon is inexpensive and protects your clothes just when you need water.

2. Clothes in layers

Instead of buying the destinations something warm to wear or not, you need shirts, makes up outfits in layers. Over a shirt with jeans trench or can take a long sweater.

Do not forget to put in the bag vests, socks, scarves, hats, gloves, socks and other accessories that protect you from cold drafts.

3. Shoes in luggage for the journey ready for autumn-winter

If you handle summer with 1-2 pairs of shoes, in winter, put the bag at least two pairs of warm and waterproof. In this way, even if a pair of wet, you'll have what you wear on them. Sometimes, tourists need buy a coat at the destination, but a pair of shoes is a task more difficult. Therefore reserve a space in your suitcase for spare shoes.

4. Emergency kit

In winter, tired of long trips and cold weather outside is enough to weaken the immune system. Put in an emergency kit bag with medications or natural products to be prepared in case of colds.

Handbag always wears a moisturizer tube. One such product is hygienic and very useful commonplace, protecting your skin from the cold.

5. Other things to pack for winter travel

Find out if you have the dryer in the hotel room. If you stay in a place where there is no hair dryer in the room (rented apartments, villas, etc.), take home a small dryer for travel.

If you get used to your own morning tea or instant coffee in the hotel room, a kettle you might help. In a 5-star hotel, there are often kettles, cups and sachets of tea and coffee in the room.

When you go in autumn or winter in holiday at a cabin in the mountains, assure how will be provided the heating system at the destination. Many tourists complain that the room is not warm enough in winter. For added security, you can put the bag sleeping bag. This is better than a blanket and it's hard.

6. Travel insurance

In winter it can happens all sorts of accidents, from those on the ski slopes to severe colds. Put in your bag travel insurance or health card. In this way, you will you will have if you need assistance of a medical care at your destination.