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6 rules to make your holiday luggage

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Holiday Baggage can ensure the success of a successful holiday. I wonder why it is so important luggage. Well, with little attention because it can bring in everything you need without leaving home with dozens of suitcases and bags. Here are some rules that will help you have a perfect holiday bag.

1. Plan your things you take with you

Experts say the first step to have a well-designed bag holiday is to plan things that you take with you. Start to put away clothes and personal items a few days before leaving on vacation. Thus, you'll have plenty of time to remember everything you need to take with you.

2. Lose all unnecessary items

Before leaving for vacation excitement can cause the bag to put all sorts of unnecessary things. Give them in order to make room for the really important things: phone charger, camera, and camcorder.

3. Running clothes, don`t fold them

Experts say running clothes help you earn holiday luggage space, while their folding occupy more space. Clothes to take with you as you get throughout the holidays. Too many pieces of clothing will prove to be useless and you will take with you nothing.

4. Opt for kits care products

Containers normal shower gel or shampoo can occupy too much space in luggage holiday, so experts recommend you buy travel kits. These include personal care products small, ideal to be taken including the plane. In cosmetic bag should put only those products that you actually use on vacation.

5. Buy drugs for the

In your holiday luggage should be found and a bag of basic drugs for unforeseen circumstances, such as headaches and bowel problems. This step saves you running around after pills pharmacies.

6. Make sure you do not miss important papers

A holiday luggage is not ready until you make sure you have the necessary documents ready and travel. Besides the bag itself, you should take with you a bag or purse that always keep close. It can "host" keys, wallet and papers. If you spend holidays abroad, and with your health insurance ID card and passport. The latter is required only in countries that are not members of the European Union.