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5 ways to cut costs on holiday

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Travel expenses incurred may exceed the amount originally established because of things bought on the spur of the moment. Impose your limits and pay attention to detail to avoid excessive spending.

There are several ways to reduce spending on vacation, once you reach your destination:

1. Do not change money at the airport

Sometimes when you get to your destination, you urgently need money in local currency in order to pay for a soda or a taxi. Never change large amounts of exchange offices at the airport because you risk losing out. Have patience to get to the city, where you will have a term of comparison and you will know which the best rates are.

2. Go by public transport

Where possible, opt for public transport instead of taxis or rental car. As a passenger, you have fewer responsibilities, fees and traffic fines disappear and sometimes get even faster in the desired location than the small car. From the airport, you can always take buses or trains that take you directly to the city. In European cities, for example, pay about 10 euros and get in 45 minutes - 1 hour to the center of the city.

3. Look more carefully at the shop

Before you go on vacation, look at souvenirs that you bought over time in your travels. You may find that many did not use again. Check on the internet that are products of the region visited. Thus, the destination, you will not waste your money on paying low quality or useless.

4. Do not underestimate free sights

Do not fill your holiday agenda only famous sightseeing that cost more. There are art galleries, parks, squares, libraries and monuments very interesting that you can see for free. Before starting, make yourself a list of goals that interests you and write the program to the public.

5. Take the example of the locals and eat smart

Look for restaurants in tourist areas where foreigners are attracted by promotional offers more or less real. Go out to eat where the locals go. Personnel may not know any international language. But if a lot of people, you know for sure that the food is good here and at a fair price.