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4 tips for women who want to travel alone

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Women feel increasingly bolder when it comes to traveling alone in a holiday. However, as much courage and determination you have, as well as before leaving the country or the city by yourself, it is necessary to take a few steps and you take some important precautions.

1. Talk to your friends about destination

A few days before leaving on vacation, send an e-mail to all your friends and tell them what are your plans, what you intend to visit, where you want to go etc..

Also keep them abreast of changes to these plans, with information about the people you meet and new places that you discovered that you were fascinated and are going to see again.

All these details are very important, if you could have problems.

2. Pack only what is necessary

Do not go out with two trolls, a backpack and a handbag. Remember that you are always alone will not have someone to help you carry them and there will be situations where you have to move fast, to run after the bus, train etc.

Take with you a few spare clothes, a flashlight, hygiene accessories, some pain medication, paper and pen, and an umbrella.

3. Be careful with money

You're the only woman, which means you're a very easy target for pickpockets. When you go home, pack money in a place where no thief would not think to look, and after you're staying at the hotel and leave the city, take with you only a small amount of money. These should be sufficient for you to eat to ride a taxi or public transport and possibly to purchase souvenirs.

4. Dress decently

Even if you get used to traveling in summer, and outside is 38 degrees, it is still good to not dress clothes that "show too much skin". It is preferable to opt for light colored clothes, casual, materials such as cotton or linen.

This version is one of the easiest ways to ward off men who believe that women tourists that travel alone want to seduce them or to get their attention.