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4 steps in planning holidays in 2013

Holiday 2013, New year fireworks

Plan in advance of your vacation in 2013, and reap the benefits involved. If you know where you want to go on holiday in 2013, "hunt down" holiday packages, and make your special budget for travel. You organize better, and you'll be able to enjoy the benefits of planning a holiday in advance.

1. Establishing holiday destinations for 2013

Think about the places you would like to visit in 2013. The famous magazine, Lonely Planet has listed among the best countries and cities for 2013. In "Top 10 countries" are very attractive destinations and Montenegro, and removed as Sri Lanka and South Korea. In "Top 10 Cities" are famous cities as San Francisco and others unknown to Hyderabad, India.

Other destinations that are worth visiting in 2013 are the big events occur. In Brazil, takes place in July, FIFA World Cup and the Summer Olympics will be in august. Tennis enthusiasts can go to London in July at Wimbledon.

During holidays (Valentine's Day, March 1, etc), take a few days off and go to destinations representative for the holidays. Visit Verona on Valentine's Day, and for Easter you can go to Jerusalem.

2. Find the best Offer

After choosing the destination for 2013, looking at travel agencies deals. In parallel, look for deals on online booking sites.

In addition to hotels, consider the prospect of apartments, villas, studios. In summer, a group of friends or family, you can rent a luxury villa on the French Riviera or Tuscany at an affordable price, divided by the number of people.

3. Find tickets for 2013

Subscribe to newsletters or constantly check sites for flight reservation. Keep money on the card to purchase immediately find a convenient offer. In some cases, you can find flights with a year earlier as the sites do not display flying so far away. Contact directly the airline or agency.

4. Plan events and visit the targets

Buy online tickets to major events where they are quickly depleted, such as Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, the concert of a pop star, balls Vienna, Venice Carnival.

Make reservations with objectives relating to public access restrictions, such as painting the Last Supper, located in the Milanese church of Santa Maria delle Grazie.