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4 steps for comfortable and safe winter travel

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Winter trips are stressful because of bad weather that leads to congestion and endless expectations in airports. If you take a few precautions, you can travel comfortably and safely even in winter.

1. Find safe accommodation

Many tourists who go to the mountains to spend a few days complain of poor services: rooms not heated properly, problems with hot water, roads blocked by snow etc. When looking for accommodation you have to check in the conditions offered by the hotel, guesthouse or villa you are going to stay and the area in general.

You can find useful information on forums or reviews, so to avoid unpleasant surprises.

2. Fly the plane as early as you can

In winter, a fall of snow consistency can lead to flight delay or various delays, situations that force you to spend many hours at the airport. Buy air tickets in the first hour, so if your flight is canceled, the company give you ticket for the next hour. In winter, during the day, you can lose many hours waiting for the situation to be resolved.

Remember that in cities where winters are tough, with lots of snow and ice, flights may be delayed at least 2-3 hours due to de-icing procedures required.

3. Get ready for a difficult road car

If you have to go by car to the road in winter, it is important to do a check before leaving and plan better path. Take the reserves of food, blankets and batteries.

If you bought a package tour winter, you should know that in winter such traveling is more difficult than in summer. Each stop for any sightseeing, table or toilet breaks is tiring. With you warm clothes in a cold day; it's hard to enjoy that experience. A thermos of hot tea and an extra pair of socks can enhance the comfort.

4. Make baggage suitable for winter

Winter baggage is heavier than a regular in the summer. Choose a lighter suitcase and put in it strictly only things you need!