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4 essential steps for protection when going on vacation to ski

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At this time of year many of you tend to go on vacation skiing or in the country or abroad. Even though it's a great sport full of adrenaline, skiing involves some risks that you should not ignore. Here are some of the safety measures that need to take them when planning a vacation in "company" of this winter sport.

1. Helmet use

Helmet is essential when it comes to your health. If such an impact or collision with other skiers on the various obstacles, skull helmet effectively protect and prevent such a tragedy. There are cases where you may even save lives. Statistics show that over 70% of tourists who go to ski resorts are cautious and wear this equipment, without exception.

2. Avoid drinking alcohol

Avoid alcohol while skiing is another as he should have in mind while practicing winter sports. Although a cup of mulled wine temptation is great, especially when outside temperatures drop below zero degrees Celsius, ideally to replace alcohol with hot liquids such as teas, coffees and hot chocolates.

3. Pay attention to speed

Speed on the slopes, like the steering, can give you a euphoric feeling of absolute control. Our advice is to restrain your urges speeding, as long as you risk losing yourself in motion anytime. Have fun with caution and you get a skiing holiday 100% safe for your health.

In general, the average speed recorded on skis is 13 to 13.5 kilometers per hour. To make sure that you have not exceeded the speed, you can call special devices that can be purchased at sporting goods stores for winter sports.

4. Take accident insurance

Before leaving on vacation to ski, you can check on your travel agency is they can offer insurance against accidents during practice winter sports.

You need to know that there is insurance that does not cover accidents occurring outside the ski. Also there are companies that offer you compensation if you are not accompanied by a ski instructor or if you wore a helmet or not in the accident.