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Where to travel in September

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In September, those with spare time can go shopping in Istanbul or are able to make a beach on the Greek Islands, which are still sunny and warm. Couples in love, are recommended at the beginning of autumn, exotic destinations.

Beach holiday on the Greek Islands in September

In the first month of autumn, those who have not gone on vacation yet still have a chance to relax on the Greek islands of the sea. There are all inclusive packages to popular tourist destinations such as Khalkidhiki peninsula, the islands of Rhodes, Crete, Corfu, Kos etc. Tourists can choose a hotel for 3, 4 or 5 star wanted Feeding and enjoy the sun and warm sea water at the beginning of autumn.

In destinations in Greece there are many holiday activities and trips for leisure, visiting archaeological sites from the pilgrimage church or fun nightclubs.

Shopping in Istanbul

Turkey is one of the best holiday destinations in September. Temperatures are not very high and you can make long walks on foot to discover the hidden faces of the city, away from tourist areas.

Istanbul has a spectacular view of the Bosporus, an irresistible local cuisine and numerous shopping centers attractive for shopping enthusiasts. To do good business, but it is recommended to go around the Grand Bazaar, which is not frequented by townspeople and go to regular stores. Even there, however, locals have to practice the art of negotiation.

Honeymoon in Bali

September is a good time for a honeymoon or romantic vacation in an exotic destination. In Bali, for example, luxury hotel resorts offer vacation packages for romantic stays. Besides comfort and relaxation in the hotel, visitors have the opportunity to attend music festivals and dances. In his spare time to practice water sports or experience the famous spas of Bali with Thai massage.

There are many excursions that can be done in temples, palaces or parks. These tours are designed for tourists to be initiated into the local culture.