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Touristic destinations with funny names

Funny Destination, Newfoundland, Canada, Dildo City sign

Some destinations are ridiculed even raise a smile and not because of what they are, but because the name you wear. In time it has become known internationally, and is the subject of joke for tourists who come here.

Badhotel Rockanje

Badhotel Rockanje is a hotel in city Domburg, in The Netherlands. Although the first part of the name (“bad” means worst), generates smiles cause for any English speaking, the hotel is noteworthy. The hotel has 67 rooms with electric fireplace, balcony and bathroom, all decorated in a romantic style.

Tourists are offered more services and facilities, including an elegant brasserie, bar, sauna, tennis court and outdoor swimming pools and parking. Located near the beach in a green space, the hotel is recommended for a relaxing seaside.

City Dildo

In Canada, the island of Newfoundland is the city Dildo. Due to its unusual name, town gained notoriety on the list of the most strange and funny names of towns. The city is attractive for tourists, with beautiful landscapes and leisure opportunities. Can be boating, hiking and you can visit the Dildo Museum. In August there is an important event, Historic Dildo Days.

The village Fucking

In the west the Austrian village of Fucking is at 33 km from Salzburg and near the border with Germany. After World War II, U.S. troops made a stop writing here and noticed the name of this village. Since then, the village of Fucking has become known internationally, prompting amusement speakers of English.

The name "Fucking" derives from the name Focko, a nobleman of the sixteenth century. The townspeople were not excited about the ridiculous situation, and the panel with the city name was stolen several times, is an endless problem for the mayor.

Lake Titicaca

Lake Titicaca is easy to remember that name because of its sonority. "Caca" is a word that means, in several languages, fecal matter or dirty. Spaniards use the term to teach children not to touch something. Despite its name, Lake Titicaca is considered one of the most impressive in the world. Lake is over 3000 meters altitude in the Andes on the border between Peru and Bolivia.