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Top of isolated islands where you run from the world

Isolated Island, Italy, La Maddalena upview

Well-known coastal areas have become increasingly popular for spending the summer holidays and thus more crowded. There are, however, travelers who want a holiday in a secluded place, where human hands didn`t do much.

1. Robinson Crusoe Island, Chile

This island, which is located two hours flight from Santiago, took the name of Alexander Selkirk navigator of the eighteenth century, who arrived here at that time and that inspired the book "Robinson Crusoe". Atmosphere that suggests adventure persists in the area; there are even rumors about a possible buried treasure on the island.

Tourists arrive on Robinson Crusoe on an airplane with seven seats, and thereafter make a journey of about 30 minutes by boat to the town of San Juan Bautista.

2. Isle of Colonsay, Scotland

A journey of two hours and a half by ferry from Oban town, brings you to this island, where the number of sheep is much higher than that of men. You can meet the locals on Saturday at a party specific area, and you can stay at Colonsay Hotel, built in 1750 in the Georgian style.

3. La Maddalena, Italy

Capri La Maddalena resembles but is more modest and quiet. The hotel with the same name you can accommodate in one of the 96 rooms and you can enjoy spa glass and travertine, which is the biggest attraction of these accommodation units.

Also here you can rent a boat and making excursions to surrounding areas, to ride on the pristine beaches and coves withdrawn or discover rare birds.

4. Desert Islands, United Arab Emirates

At about 240 kilometers east of Abu Dhabi, loud noise of the city is replaced by the murmur of the waves of the Arabian Gulf islands. Sir Bani Yas is the only one that offers a hotel along dry river beds, mangroves and an archaeological site that is a Christian monastery.

The hotel, although the only one in the area with 64 rooms in Arabian style. Customers are invited on trips, from rides to kayaking trips in the nearby park, where they can be closely studied fauna and flora.

5. Lumma Island, Washington

Nature lovers will love this lush green oasis, where many and many farms. You can stay at the Willows Inn, where you have views to the Orcs Island.

Also, here you can indulge in various culinary delicacies, cooked by chef Blaine Wetzel, came to this hotel from the famous Danish restaurant Noma, which was appointed in 2012 for the third year in a row as the best around world.

6. Salt Spring Island, British Columbia

Vancouver Island is enjoying the attention from tourists, but Salt Spring, who is the neighbor, is more secluded and picturesque, impressing the rocky shores, vast meadows and tall oaks. Here live those dealing with preparation of cheese, a few artists and a group of craftsmen.

7. Southport Island, Maine

This island is accessible only by a drawbridge, but delight with colonial style houses, winding roads and small shops, village. Moreover, there have available and Robinson's Wharf restaurant, 40 years old, one of the most popular restaurants on seafood in the area - always serves shrimp, lobster and fresh oysters.

And towards the island find Newagen Seaside Inn hotel with 30 rooms that overlook the ocean, and you can walk through the nearby port.

8. Islas de Rosario, Colombia

Cartagena might be the hottest place in Latin American where you can spend the summer, but if you get in the area, go to Islas de Rosario and - a chain of 27 islands, mostly uninhabited. They host the largest coral reef in Colombia have white sand beaches and mangroves in some areas.

You can stay in San Pedro de Majagua Hotel on Isla Grande, which has 17 rooms with nautical accents. In addition, the hotel organizes trips for diving and snorkeling in 45 places, where you can admire the marine life that may not have the opportunity to see live or on the TV.