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The most visited islands in the Caribbean

Most Visited Islands, Saint Martin, Caribbean, Near the airport

Caribbean is one of the most beautiful parts of the world. Here you will enjoy peace, total relaxation, but also you can enjoy water sports, clubs, entertainment, excitement, nightlife and exotic foods.

Discover which are the most popular Caribbean islands and which best suits your style of holiday you want.

St. Martin

Island St. Martin is known for luxurious resorts to very expensive restaurants, and nightclubs but the fun has no limits. If you like nightlife, but it's also kind of person who loves sports and enjoys underwater St. Martin is the place for you.


Aruba Island stands out because casinos bright and designer boutiques located in the area. If you have a lot of money and want to give your very expensive clothes or try your gambling chance, Aruba is where your vacation will be a luxury.


Looking for peace and relaxation? Lying just wants to enjoy the beach and ocean waves, while being served like a king? Go to the Bahamas. Here you'll get crystal-clear water, fine sand and as very quiet as you want.

Virgin Islands

Although a large island with many services and opportunities, the area is not crowded. This is because the Virgin Islands are very quiet and is a destination chosen especially by people who want to escape the turmoil and need a mental rest.

Puerto Rico

Restaurants with celebrity chefs and an excess of hospitality are only two things you'll love if you go in Puerto Rico. Boat trips and fish-picnics are also representative for Puerto Rico and will definitely attract if you want to experience life in a slightly wild yet exciting.


Though she is not exactly the Caribbean, Bermuda is usually treated as a Caribbean island and is a tourist attraction for people around the world. Here you can choose between dozens of luxury hotels, water parks, resorts and nightclubs that relaxation of the more attractive.

Bermuda is known for its superb beaches, although sometimes so crowded that you can hardly find a free stretch of sand to sunbathe.


The golden sand beaches shaded by palm trees only clear tropical waters are representative of Cancun. Cancun is a place where many people often gladly return the hospitality that you receive because locals and hoteliers, but also there are many restaurants, and relaxing treatment centers, malls, supermarkets and exclusive clubs.