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The most impressive national parks in Europe

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National Parks of Europe, which often include wild areas or protected reserve by UNESCO are among the most interesting sights for those who love nature. Learn more about three of the most attractive national parks in Europe.

Many of the national parks in Europe offer unforgettable natural landscapes and biodiversity contributes to the continent, while providing an excellent destination for many tourists.

Teide National Park (Tenerife)

Joined UNESCO in 2007, Teide National Park in Tenerife (Spain) located in the Atlantic Ocean is the main attraction, stratified volcano, Teide-Pico Viejo with a height of 3718 m and a crater with a diameter of about 48 km.

The second national park in the world by the number of visitors after Mount Fuji in Japan, Teide ecological tourism offers many options those visitors can admire the impressive scenery without leaving traces on the environment.

Olympic National Park (Greece)

Designed around the most famous mountain range in Europe, Olympic National Park is located on the border with Macedonia and Greece was included in UNESCO due to the large number of species of birds and mammals, including wolves, jackals, wild boars and lynxes.

Accommodation options are numerous and tourists can find all 52 mountain peaks of the chain. Besides impressive natural landscapes in the area can be visited and many Orthodox monasteries.

Sarek National Park (Sweden)

One of Europe's most wild areas away from human intervention, Sarek National Park in Europe is a protected nature reserve, less accessible to tourists at first sight.

Those passionate about traveling wild camping will not be disappointed but impressive landscapes of the Swedish National Park there are 100 glaciers. Around the park there are mountain resorts offering accommodation in good condition at a distance that allows day trips to visit many stunning areas of the park.