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The most beautiful winter destinations for children

Winter Holiday, Vienna, Austria, Zoom Kindermuseum children painting

Winter vacation is the best time for a family holiday. Choose an attractive offer for children and take advantage of services, attractions, destinations and facilities for families with children.


Austria is one of the most beautiful, civilized and bidding holiday destinations for families with children. Mountain resorts offer numerous services and facilities for children so parents can enjoy the attractions of the destination and to offer comfort to children. Resorts have ski schools and both adults and minors. There are, in addition, babysitting services available to tourists with children.

Vienna is one of the top destinations for winter holidays, especially around the holidays. Animated and festive city is very welcoming to children. They may attend concerts at Christmas and can join in workshops organized for them. Future Museum is a unique and fascinating experience for both adults and children. A museum dedicated to children is Zoom Kindermuseum.


Lapland is one of the most beautiful destinations for families with young children. Such holiday offers children the chance to visit Santa Claus at home and receive gifts from him. Safari in reindeer and husky or snowmobile access to Kids Land, festive meals - are just some of the attractions. For children, are organized parties with prizes inside, on the slopes of snow contests, treasure hunts, etc.


Those who want to give their children an exotic vacation can choose the destination Hawaii. Besides the perfect place for honeymoon vacation, Hawaii is the perfect choice for families with children, thanks to the mild climate, quality attractions and services. Many resorts offer hotel services for children with an early age.

Water sports, excursions in the Natural Park, historic villages, and museums are some of the attractions that allow the children to have fun, and learn about natural and cultural values.