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The most beautiful touristic destinations for March

March touristic destination, Slovenia, Panorama sight

In March, the weather is still unpredictable in many places in Europe. However, there are some sunny destinations, particularly attractive as natural, cultural or historical. Placed in the extra season, March is perfect for visiting many tourist attractions and archaeological sites.


Sunny and attractive, southern Spain offers impressive cultural experience. Make trips to Cordoba, Granada, Seville to see the beautiful sights and monuments located here. Barcelona is a destination for all year, which has endless resources for tourists. In March, this destination is a bit cold and wet.


Another recommended cultural destination for the first month of spring is Italy. South has a milder climate. Go to Rome, Naples, Pompeii, Sicily, Herculaneum to see some of the most interesting archaeological sites and attractions.


The Côte d'Azur temperatures are pleasant and sunny days. Monaco, Nice, Cannes, St. Tropez and Menton are some of the most beautiful cities you can visit in March. Find and lesser-known cities in tourism plan, but very attractive, as Eze or St Paul de Vence.


In March, average temperatures are still Greece, which begin to grow in April. Early spring is a perfect time for cultural tours and pilgrimages to monasteries. In Greece Mainland tourists have a lot of archaeological sites, auditoriums, museums and monuments to see. In addition the Greek monasteries are worth a visit.


In Slovenia, the weather is very nice in March. This destination less known and little appreciated properly cities and tourist resorts offer very civilized and spectacular nature. Take a culinary journey and taste the wines, cheeses, seafood and local production of prosciutto. Cities are a neat surprise for tourists.