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The most beautiful islands in Europe for the summer

Europe Islands, Lefkas, Greece, Beach aerial view

European beaches are a promise of beauty, escape and relaxation. Combined their strengths create a paradise. Here are some of the most beautiful islands in Europe, ideal for summer holidays.

Venice, Italy

Venice is one of the most beautiful islands in Italy and throughout Europe. At the beginning of the year the Venice Carnival takes place, and in September Venice Film Festival takes place. Besides well-known targets of the city, you can find other places. Lido Beach has become known thanks to the novel "Death in Venice" by Thomas Mann and Visconti's film.

Lefkada, Greece

Lefkada is a Greek island on the west coast, less known than the famous Rhodes, Corfu and Crete, but particularly touristic. In Porto Katsiki is one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. The beach lies at the foot of a cliff in an arc and can be visited only coming from the sea. White stone with a green crown, sandy beach and turquoise sea water makes a fascinating contrast that makes it one of the most photographed beaches in Greece.

Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza clubs became popular thanks to its stars and some internationally known DJs. In Ibiza is located one of the biggest clubs in the world with a capacity of 10,000 people. Besides fun night, Ibiza attracts tourists interested in discovering new beauties natural as nature reserve on the west coast.

Sardinia, Italy

Sardinia has become known mainly thanks to its natural beauty. Island is also called "Treasure Island". Spectacular landscape, climate, flora and fauna are some of the main advantages of the island. This destination is less frequented by tourists. Peak tourist season is in August, when they come most foreigners to spend their vacation here.

Mljet, Croatia

Mljet in Croatia is a small island very beautiful and quiet, less exploited in terms of tourism. Almost one third of the island is covered by a national park. Veliko and Malo Jezero salt lakes are surrounded by pine and oak forests. Island is the perfect destination for a holiday in nature, away from the bustle of the city and the waves of tourists.

Madeira, Portugal

Madeira is an island paradise in Portugal. Spectacular landscape, volcanic mountains and lush vegetation makes an impressive landscape. Madeira can be visited throughout the year, thanks to its mild climate. One of the activities offered to tourists, one is hiking in nature.

Sicily, Italy

Sicily is one of the largest islands in the Mediterranean and one of the most interesting of Italy. Etna volcano, beaches, impressive historical monuments and landscapes are some of the attributes of this island. One of the top beaches of Sicily is San Vito Lo Capo.