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The most beautiful deserted beaches

Best Deserted Beach, Bisevo, Croatia, Sunset on beach Porat

Want to get an exotic beach that is not overcrowded? You think perhaps it is impossible, but there are places in which to get there, you have to go further, or use several services of transport, usually most tourists are too lazy to make so much effort.

When you get on such a beach, you realize that it was worth every effort.

Here are some of the most spectacular deserted beaches in the world.

Wildcat Beach, California

To reach this beach you must walk about eight kilometers, so there are not so many who dare to embark on such trips.

Cayo Costa, Florida

You'd think that such a beach, there is no way not to be crowded, since it is so fine sand and water so clear. However, in the southern gulf coast of Florida there is this beach that is accessible only by private boat, for a relatively small amount of money per person.

Pink Beach, Barbuda, Antigua and Barbuda

This beach is famous because of pink sand, but also because it is unpopulated. Here you can get only with a private boat, and you can stay, without care, from morning to evening, without ever being bothered by another tourist.

Majahuitas Cove, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Majahuitas Cove is a small beach at the southern end of Banderas Bay. And here you can reach only by boat rented from one of the locals.

Beach Porat, Bisevo, Croatia

Croatia is known for its deserted beaches, but Porat is one of the most beautiful. Clean sand, water incredibly blue and clear, school of fish.

Beach Porat can be reached by boat or mini boat, but make sure you understand from the beginning with who owns the boat. If you want to spend a few hours on the beach and then come back after you let him know it, since when you book.