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The friendliest countries in the world

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One of the issues that keep in mind when choosing a vacation in a foreign country is the way of being of the people there. Often you hear that it is better to go to X place because the people there are hospitable, they do not speak an international language and do not know to guide you when you lost. Well, we know which the friendliest countries are, worldwide.

Whether you want to travel there for adventures that can take part, whether you are looking for a romantic trip or want to enlighten you, surely you will make a lot of friends.


Ireland is one of the countries where people are very friendly and open to tourists. Of course, do not expect to get your house at midnight and give you all annual savings. But if you go into a pub, you'll definitely catch of black humor and gay jokes that locals know to tell. Where you put the beer is excellent.


Americans know how to be friendly to those who visit the country. Although there are many stereotypes about the U.S., it is good to know that people will jump you need help. I will guide you to the sights and will help to adapt to their lives.


People in Malawi calls itself "the friendliest people in Africa." Malawi is a small country, poor and does not offer many facilities for tourists, but once you get there, you will not need. Kindness of the people and their desire to make you feel good it would be sufficed.


Residents of Fiji are considered "the friendliest people in the world" and have every reason to be so: they lush islands, breathtaking scenery, a sensational cobalt blue sea and very tasty cuisine. Residents of Fiji are known for their kindness and that is nice to tourists.


Thailand has become one of the most visited countries in recent years and locals have a great contribution to this. And Thais is recommended as "the most friendly in the world", so it remains only to visit and shoot own conclusions.


Turkey is one of the favorite countries of tourists, not only for the quality services they offer, but also the way of being of the people there. Friendly and hospitable, the Turks do everything they can to for you to feel good in them. Not to say they are excellent negotiators and if you manage to get into their game can makes a pretty good price for what you want to buy.


Last, but not least friendly country is Indonesia. Located in South-East Asia, the country invites you with its varied culture, traditions and legends, handicrafts and music almost hypnotizing. Do not miss the chance to visit the country and enjoy the kindness of people.