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New ideas for holiday locations

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If you belong to the category of those who like to explore new places and civilizations know when you go on vacation, you should not limit yourself to traditional destinations (Rome, Paris, and Venice).

We propose several new ideas on which you pay attention to.

1. Japan

Known as the "Land of the Rising Sun", Japan has been heavily tested in 2011, was a difficult year for tourism.

However, the Japanese people exceeded the critical moment of the explosion at Fukushima and botanical gardens, temples and museums just waiting to be rediscovered.

Japan is a country with a rich history that blends tradition and modernity in a harmonious way.

You will be fascinated about men and pictures, souvenirs or food and majestic temples.

2. Porto (Portugal)

One of the oldest cities of Porto European continent owes its fame due to the famous Wine of Porto.

However, if you choose the destination this metropolis, you will find plenty of other attractions.

Oporto Cathedral, a promenade Avenida dos Alaiados, an afternoon at the Majestic Cafe or The show at the House of Music are just some of the ways that you can enjoy the beauty of Portugal.

To remember is the fact that Porto city center was included on UNESCO World Heritage list.

3. Iquitos (Peru)

The best time to visit the city of Iquitos is in the autumn, in October or November. Now the climate is dry.

Iquitos is a favorite destination for ecotourism lovers who want to discover the charm of the Amazon jungle.

Access to this port city on the Amazon can only by plane or boat, as there is no road linking Iquitos rest of the country.

4. San Francisco (USA)

San Francisco, a destination rather expensive is worth visiting for its famous Golden Gate or the community to discover the secrets of China Town.

If you still get the American continent, in San Francisco, you should not miss any tour on Alcatraz Island (which houses the most famous prison in the world turned to museum).

5. Mekong Delta (Vietnam)
Mekong River Delta covers approximately 40.00 square kilometers.
Mekong is the longest stream in Southeast Asia and is a true source of life for residents in the south.

In this region live about 18 million people who depend on rice grown in the area.

Biodiversity is another element that gives uniqueness Mekong, as it it the second worst on the planet that variety and abundance of species encountered.

Mekong Delta is impressive and the floating markets, rice paddies, villages where crafts are practiced and mangrove swamps.

If you want to enjoy the beauty of this area, you need at least a week of vacation. Most travel agencies recommend as a starting point Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon), the largest city in Vietnam.