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Museums with famous dresses

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Some of the most interesting museums in the world contain unusual fashion exhibitions: the meat dress worn by Lady Gaga in 2010, the wedding dress of Kate Middleton, royal wedding, exhibitions by famous dresses attract millions of visitors from around the world.

Wedding dress of Kate Middleton Buckingham Palace

In summer 2011, was exhibited at Buckingham Palace wedding dress worn by Kate Middleton at her wedding to Prince William of Great Britain. To see the dress, visitors paid 17.5 pounds, a huge amount compared to the average price of a tourist attraction in any European metropolis.

It is estimated that the wedding dress would bring the Royal House around 15 million pounds. Over 600,000 people were to see the famous dress. Most of the money is used to restore and maintain the Royal Collection, which includes thousands of paintings and other works of art. Another part of the money is used for charity.

Ivory dress is a creation signed by Sarah Burton from Alexander McQueen fashion house cost £ 250,000. Bridal appearance has sparked both public admiration as well as the famous fashion designers. At The Design Museum, an innovative center for design exhibitions and education, wedding gown of Kate Middleton was nominated for Designs of the Year 2012. This, however, did not win the final prize.

Meat dress of Lady Gaga

Meat dress that Lady Gaga made a memorable appearance is promoted in the United States. In Cleveland, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, is organizing a national tour with exhibits that speak of women who pioneered in rock 'n' roll, showing the evolution of artists and their impact on music. The exhibition includes over 250 pieces belonging to 70 women who have made history in rock 'n' roll. Thus, visitors can see pieces that belonged to personalities such as Donna Summer, Madonna, Stevie Nicks, Ma Rainey, Billie Holiday, etc.

One of the most interesting exhibits is the meat dress that Lady Gaga appeared dressed at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2010. The dress was dry, canned and painted to keep the color typical of fresh meat. The star wore the dress wearing a political message. On stage, she was accompanied by American soldiers as a protest against those who oppose homosexuals to join the military.

U.S. first lady dresses

National Museum of American History there is an exhibition dedicated to first ladies of the United States. The exhibition "The First Ladies" contains over two dozen dresses, some of them older than 100 years. Dresses belonged to personalities like Jacqueline Kennedy, Laura Bush, Michelle Obama, Lou Hoover. The exhibition illustrate the significant positive, although unofficial, that first ladies have had and their contribution in the presidential administration.