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Metropolis and destinations that you can visit on your own

Metropole Holiday, Vienna, Austria, Schonbrunn Palace privy gardens

One of the best holiday experiences is to find one of those destinations tourist attractions. There are many cities safe enough and a sufficiently developed infrastructure that they can walk on their own, on their own. If a guided city tour with an organized group, you feel a compulsion too high, find an alternative and go alone.

Here are some cities that you can see on your own:


Paris is inexhaustible as tourist attractions and only a selection of them can give an experience as you want. In an organized city tour by bus or on foot, you can see the outside monuments and attractions such as the Opera Garnier, Place de la Concorde, Arc de Triomphe, Les Invalides, and the Eiffel Tower etc.

If you, however, to find one that has to give you an area such as Montmartre, the subway and down to one subway stations (Antwerp, Abbesses, Blanche) and traverses the step area. You can rest on the hill, where sometimes outdoor concerts, you can take pictures with living statues or visit the Sacre Coeur church. Metro in Paris is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to reach tourist attractions. All you have to do is to inquire from time to what time are open


Vienna is one of the most civilized cities of Europe, so that everyone can plan here a few days on their own. Besides ring around Vienna, where they gathered many of the city's attractions, Vienna's parks, palaces, theaters, museums and other things worth a visit.

If you spend your holiday with the kids, go to Schonbrunn Zoo, where you can stay for half a day. If you have to travel to Vienna for shopping, you should go alone to not be pressed for time. In this way, you can visit several shopping centers, both located in the heart of the city and surrounding areas, to compare prices.


Jerusalem is a destination that should be seen at least once in life, regardless of religious orientation. Early history of the city, the concentration of Hebrew believers, Muslims and Orthodox, old monuments and tourist attractions makes a unique picture. In Jerusalem, the most important places to visit are close to each other: Church of the Holy Sepulcher, Golgotha, Western Wall, Church of All Nations, and Garden of Gethsemane are within walking distance and can be visited on foot.

It is important to have a map and be dressed decently. To visit the holy places freely, go in a time of year when major religious events do not take place to avoid crowds. Many traders speak foreign languages and the bazaar can pay with different currencies, from Egyptian pounds to dollars and shekels.


Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city with a wide range of attractions. You can use the subway to move quickly from one area to another. Those who want to see as many goals can go to the boulevard of La Rambla, near which there are many churches, museums and famous markets. Get a free map from the hotel or from a fast food and visit goals that matter to you.