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Interesting destinations for January

January Destinations, Maldives, Asia, Luxury resort aerial view

January is a quiet period, the beginning of the year in which you can recharge the batteries, if you have not managed to do this, in the turmoil of the winter holidays. Among the most suitable destinations this month are exotic islands or mountain resorts.


Maldives is one of the most popular holiday destinations in January. Average maximum temperature in this period is 29 degrees Celsius. Maldives Islands are ideal for lovers of scuba diving and sailing.

Coral reef full of colorful creatures in this region offers one of the memorable tropical holiday experience. Maldives is a good destination for those who want to learn to sail. Warm waters and gentle breezes boats lagoons attract enthusiasts who want a ride on the catamaran.

New York

New York is more than charming holiday in January, but the beginning of the year means less crowds and better prices. Those who want to see a Broadway show can fly more easily, and museums are not so crowded.

Those who want a romantic vacation in this city can take a horse drawn carriage ride in Central Park, covered with blankets or go to skate in Rockefeller Center.

Salzburg Area

In Salzburg, Austria, tourists are able to ski in a mountain resort, enjoying lower prices on accommodation compared to the winter holidays. At rest of the time, they provide spas, thermal waters, restaurants and bars with a lively nightlife. Approaching the city is also important, especially for tourists who want to make trips of several hours, outside the resort.

Other remote destinations

Those who allow themselves enough time and vacations that cost over 1,000 Euros can profit from January to go to see Chile, Peru, Laos, Vietnam, and Zanzibar. All are attractive destinations for this period.