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Ideal destinations for February

February Holiday, Rome, Italy, Europe, Tthe ruins under the snow

February is ideal for a holiday where you go in search of sun and higher temperatures than those which are common in this period.

You can opt for both February destinations in Europe, as well as some more exotic like Africa or America.

Croatia and Italy

If you want a holiday in Europe, you can choose with confidence to Croatia. Here, beyond the beauty of the place, the perfect combination of sea and mountains beyond delicious meals, specifically the Mediterranean, you will enjoy the warm weather and temperatures between 10 and 16 degrees Celsius.

Another option is to visit Italy in February. In Rome, for example, temperatures in February can reach up to 15 degrees. Thus, the time is ideal to visit the major sights and drink excellent coffee at one of the cafes famous city streets.


How about a vacation in Cairo? Egypt is an attractive country for holidays in February. During this period, temperatures reach 21 degrees even at and never drop below 11. If you want to visit the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities, Amr ibn el-Aas Mosque, Pyramid of Cheops and the Sphinx, February is the best time to do this. In addition, prices for accommodation, transport and food are low in Egypt at this time of year.

Argentina and Peru

These two countries will impress America with absolutely incredible views, the culture of the people, especially the exotic fauna.

If you walk in the forests of Argentina, you will discover dwarf deer, guanaco or Andean Huemul, all mammals native to this country. Here you have the chance to see cougars (cats that live only in subtropical forests), but we must beware of venomous reptiles, species commonly found in Argentina.

If you are a foodie, do not miss Argentine Cuisine: parrillada, a mixed grill consisting of spicy sausage, ribs, sirloin and offal.

Also in the area of South America you can visit Peru, a country with a mixed culture, Inca merged with the Hispanics. At times, you may find slight influences of African culture and even Hispanic.

On the culinary snacks you enjoy Native American, with strong influences from Spanish cuisine, African and even Asian. Cooking techniques and ingredients diversity is recognized and appreciated worldwide.