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Holiday destinations for November

November Holiday, Cairo, Egypt, City panorama

November is a time for traveling less attractive and it is therefore the ideal time for a vacation on your own, you feel the true pulse of destination, away from tourist clich├ęs. Discover a European metropolis in its authenticity or take advantage of the sun in an exotic destination.

Goa, India

Those who have not yet arrived in India can combine a circuit in this country, staying a few days in Goa. Tropical vegetation and welcoming beaches are attractive to tourists who are in search of exoticism. Average maximum temperature stands at 27 degrees Celsius, with about 9 hours of sunshine per day and very little rain.

Rome, Paris, London, Vienna, Prague

Choose a European metropolis to escape 3-4 days of November. Although the major European cities are never itself in season in November, however, prices tend to be somewhat smaller. Any of the destinations has plenty of indoor attractions (art galleries, museums, performance halls, shopping and entertainment, cathedrals etc) so you will not have to spend more time in the cold outside. When tired from so much wandering, testing a brasserie in France, a pub in England or trattoria in Italy and indulge yourself with local cuisine.


Cairo goes through many changes, but does not cease to be one of the most fascinating cities in North Africa. With an average temperature of 26 degrees Celsius in November, Cairo is a confused purpose, which houses the pyramids and Sphinx, some of the last masterpieces of antiquity. Those who reach the Citadel have the opportunity to find here many important tourist attractions such as Al-Nasir Mosque, Military Museum or Archaeological Museum. Egyptian cuisine and music and dance performances not leave you indifferent, no tourist. For a vacation package at an attractive price check type of city break travel agencies and airlines.