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Four islands of eternal spring for your perfect holiday

Eternal Spring Holiday, Azoer Islands, Aerial island view

Leave behind the changing weather from your region and make your plans to encounter the spring already with a trip to the islands near Europe. Tenerife, Azores, Madeira and other islands of eternal spring are the destinations where the mild climate invite you to relax. Here's what attractions await you in the seas areal!


The Greeks have given the name of 'The Happier Islands' and, indeed, the climate of Madeira is a factor that can ensure your state of happiness. The temperature during the early months of the year is 13-14 degrees Celsius and green landscape invite you to walks in nature. Madeira is a natural paradise with laurel forests and exotic plants and in restaurants you can enjoy a fragrant wine produced on the island.

Azore Islands

Azores Archipelago carries the same distinctive mark of eternal spring is an ideal destination for those who want to escape for a few days of low temperatures in winter. Sao Miguel Island hosts some of the attractions of the archipelago observable: botanical garden, volcanic landscape of Lagoa de Foco, dozens of waterfalls, and the largest city in the Azores, Ponta Delgada.


The largest island of the Canary Islands, Tenerife, have in January an average temperature of 16 degrees. This is speculated the most of the tourists who want to enjoy the beautiful weather of spring and walks outdoors. Moreover, prices are more than affordable prove during this period.

The island hides a lot of goals less known to tourists. Loro Natural Park, with its garden of orchids and a zoo is a place exceptional. You can also visit the mysterious Guimar pyramids, which Heyerdal explorer Thor said are similar to those in Mexico, Peru and Mesopotamia, and in southern, Barranco del Infierno gorge you will be impressed with its lush vegetation.


Italian island off the Bay of Naples is perfect for tourists in search of spring. The temperature reached 15 degrees Celsius and hot springs await you at every step. Unmissable sights: Thermal Park Aphrodite and Apollo, Aragonese Castle and the Palace Malcov.