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Four exotic destinations recently included on tourist maps

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Map of the world gets richer by the day. Underground natural wonders just discovered, or new island paradise resorts on exotic lands occur each year in travel agencies offer. Here are the latest spectacular destinations worthy of a dream vacation!

1. Funtasy Island, Indonesia

Luxury resort opened in Riau Islands of Indonesia wants to be a destination where tourists can fully appreciate the charm of nature. Accommodation is in homes located in the gulf islands lake and the area is bordered by a natural reserve. However, in the resort of restaurants, 413 villas and suites, a spa and waterpark complex and several clubs. Funtasy Island was inaugurated on 2014 fall and is located 20 minutes from Singapore.

2. Japanese Express

Forget fantasies about high-speed trains in Japan! From this summer, visit the oriental realm swinging rhythm of train 100 years ago and this combined with the luxury fragrance of past ages. Embarking in "Japanese Express" train a classic garnish with 14 luxury cars, made from Kyushu, and within Japan trip can stretch to four days.

3. Palawan, Philippines

Philippine Palawan Island was recently declared the most beautiful island in the world in a ranking compiled by avid hikers. Idyllic landscape of the island, Puerta Princesa underground river beauty and clarity of the water inside the Tubbataha reef will make you feel like you've found paradise.

4. Leye-Fengshan China

Leye-Fengshan geological park is a big surprise for lovers of adventure tourism. A new network of underground caves gigantic and breathtaking beauty was discovered in the region and the Chinese want to use it on the job attraction of the area. The park is located in the Yunnan-Guizhou, one of the richest areas in nature reserves in China. Nearby you can find Baise and Hechi cities, so you can combine daytrips in the natural park with the comfort of luxury hotels in China.