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Forgotten destinations of the world

Forgotten Destination, Togo, Traditional dancers

While countries like France and the U.S., or beautiful islands like the Maldives or Thassos or Crete is famous destinations, visited by millions of tourists every year, The Earth, however, holds many more beauties that the once popular, have been long forgotten. Rediscover, in the following, some of the tourist destinations of the world forgotten!


A small country in northeastern South America, once Dutch colony, Suriname is a real tourist gem, considering the cultural influences that can be enjoyed here (British, Dutch, Chinese, Indian and Indonesian).

What can you see once you get in Suriname? Among other things, capital, Paramaribo, still retains traces of architecture from the Dutch period (when it was called Dutch Guyana), but what is really impressive is the nature and landscapes that it proposes. Examples of this are Raleighvallen Nature Reserve and Nature Reserve Brownsberg, famous for generous and varied bird population.


Togo or Togolese Republic is another forgotten tourist destination, but has a lot to offer! The state is located in West Africa and is open to the Atlantic Ocean. Moreover, once arrived in the capital Lome, you can enjoy magnificent views of beaches dotted with palm trees offered at the ocean edge. As you get inside the country, you have the chance to discover a varied landscape with hills and mountains, and savannah.


Territories as far as the Greek visited, for example, Comoros islands were once a stopping point for ships that surrounded the Cape of Good Hope. Their popularity has disappeared with the construction of the Suez Canal so that, currently, the islands are visited not only by about 25,000 tourists annually.

However, the Comoros have everything to be proud of. Spectacular scenery (it should be mentioned that the islands are of volcanic origin) includes a lagoon on the island of Mayotte, one of the largest and most beautiful in the world. Once you are in the Comoros and the Seychelles or you can visit Mauritius, nearby.