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Destinations you do not have to miss in autumn

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Have you enjoyed the summer, you have already visited the sea, the beach and you did your tan, now it's time to start making vacation plans for the fall. You can choose between Spain, Britain and France to enjoy the beautiful scenery and offers.

Barcelona - Spain

If you like to visit museums and go through town on a bicycle, Barcelona is the best option for winter vacation.

The good thing is that Barcelona still pretty much sunshine and in the fall, so you can show off tan and summer outfits without you choke but because of the heat.

Rome - Italy

Rome will impress the outdoor museum atmosphere through streets that lead you to think of romance in late nights, the food products offered by Italian chefs.

Temperatures are perfect for long walks and late in the fall, and sessions will be more exciting shopping ever.

Budapest - Hungary

Budapest will impress every autumn with traditional festivals and fairs each more complex and rich, but also magical rides on the Danube.

If you get to fall in Budapest do not miss walking through the old town and no restaurants with traditional cuisine.

Provence - France

Provence is a region that you can visit at any time of the year and that will always be as beautiful.

But the fall season is finally lavender and soft and gentle flavors of the plant you will delight your senses enough with each pleasant breeze of wind.

If you get in Provence in September, you will attend vintage and gastronomic festivals.

Manchester - United Kingdom

If you like nightlife and cities you like to visit the day, especially after dark, Manchester is the best option.

If you have to get to Manchester you have to take with you more than a short sleeve shirt because the weather is very fickle, but you can always take refuge in a bar or restaurant with good food and more if you feel threatened by some clouds.

Munich - Germany

Munich is the ideal destination for autumn if you want to attend Oktoberfest. This is one of the most popular and famous music festivals in Europe, so you must not miss if you go to Germany.

Paris - France

If you cannot stand Paris summer, when extremely busy, surely you will feel a wonderful experience to see him fall, when tourist groups are present in a very small number.

Seville - Spain

Seville is a city that few people tolerate it unbearable summer due to high temperatures, so autumn is the most time when you can visit.

Lisbon - Portugal

While is not the most desirable destination even during the summer, Lisbon is a city worth seeing, especially in autumn, when you can enjoy the culture, diversity and new people, very welcoming and friendly.